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Dbol (metanabol) 100 tab 15mg




Methandienone, next to Nandrolone and Testosterone, is the most popular measure that beginners use. Everyone who starts their adventure with doping usually uses Metanabol.

Metanabol is an agent with strong anabolic androgenic properties. It is a typical body mass agent – it works quickly and effectively – it has excellent building properties.

First of all, it improves the nitrogen balance, increases the secretion of the strong growth factor IGF-1 and reduces the level of the catabolic hormone – cortisol, which makes it an excellent anabolic with strong anti-catabolic properties.

An interesting property of Metanabol is increasing the secretion of dopamine, which may be associated with well-being when using this agent. It is used at the beginning of the session along with long ester agents as a so-called “kick-starter” in order to speed up the effective treatment time.

Despite its excellent building properties, the use of Metanabol carries a number of side effects. Unfortunately, it aromatizes easily to estrogen, which results in high water retention, edema, increased blood pressure and increased heart rate, and possible gynecomastia.

Most of these effects can be prevented by blocking the estrogen receptors with Nolvadex. Unfortunately, there are also the effects of conversion to DHT – acne, hair loss and a possible increase in the risk of prostate cancer – in this case, it is worth taking Finasteride.


Beginners take Metanabol usually in doses of 15-20mg, Intermediate 20-30mg, Advanced 40-50mg.

There are also known cases of using doses of 80-100mg by professional bodybuilders, which seems to be a rather unwise move due to its hepatotoxicity caused by the 17-alpha-alkylated group. Such behavior not only causes increased side effects but can also be life-threatening. Buy Metanabol UK.

Due to the short half-life of Metanabol, doses should be taken every 3-4 hours on average in order to maintain a constant level of the substance. The period of application should be 4-6 weeks.

It is not recommended to exceed 6 weeks (especially with high doses), as it will only increase the side effects. The tablets should be taken with or after meals in order to avoid digestive problems.

Putting down

If Metanabol is used as the only agent in the cycle, PCT should be started 8-12 hours after taking the last dose. Usually, Clomid or Tamoxifen are used for this.

Additionally, 7-10 days before the end of taking Metanabol, creatine can be introduced to maintain the muscle volume. If, on the other hand, Metanabol is used as a “kick-starter”, PCT is selected depending on the other agents used in the cycle. Metanabol UK.