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Winstrol 100 tab 10mg




Winstrol – this is by far the most important application of this measure. If you dream of a quick increase in muscle mass and improvement of efficiency, it is very possible that you have already come across the name Winstrol. Winstrol, also known as stanozolol (stanozolol), together with nandrolone are the most popular doping agents. It is reached by athletes of many disciplines (swimmers, athletes, weightlifters, cross-country skiers), everyone who dreams of muscularity and excellent results. Winstrol’s career began with veterinary medicine, it was a measure for racehorses. Only after the necessary modification was it approved for human use. The steroid also “helped” Ben Johnson, the most famous athlete of all time, in breaking records on the treadmill.

Winstrol on doping
Winstrol / stanozolol, a product of a Spanish pharmaceutical company, has gained worldwide fame. Its name is very recognizable. Desma winstrol is currently available on the market. Desma has purchased the rights to the production of the depot preparation, and it also produces an oral version of winstrol (2 mg / tablet). Winstrol has gained fame not only among bodybuilders who care a lot about their muscles. World sports stars do not despise him either. It is known that international sports organizations prohibit professional athletes from doping.

It is not surprising, after all doping agents affect not only the development of the figure, but also the results in individual competitions. It has nothing to do with the fair play principle. Life, however, its own, and its principles. The problem of doping is growing, it has a global reach, which is why in 2015 many countries decided to tighten sanctions against players who were found to use illegal drugs. The game is about great fame and even more money, which is why there is no shortage of athletes (and training staff) who break the law despite the great risk (including several years of disqualification, deprivation of medals).

Characteristics of a strength and muscle specialist
Stanozolol / winstrol is actually a DHT derivative except that it contains two modifications. At position 17 alpha there is a methyl group, moreover ring A has been enriched with a pyrazole group. Despite the different forms of winstrol administration, both oral and injection versions contain the same active substance.

Winstrol injection is an aqueous suspension (it can also be taken orally), winstrol tablets (oral version) are a combination of an active substance and a “filler”. Injection forms can often be found in the form of a depot (extended release that can take from several to several dozen hours). Winstrol depot contains nanomicronized stanozolol, which is slowly and regularly released into the blood.

Active substance: stanozolol


– orally – men 30 – 100 mg / day, women 2.5 – 10 mg / day

– injections – 50 – 100 mg / day

HPTA blocking: weak

Aromatization: no

Reduction: no

Half-life: approx. 9 hours

Detection: oral – 3 weeks, injection – up to 9 weeks