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Helios DB PHARMA 20ml; 40mcg Clenbuterol+5,4mg Yohambine/ml




Helios (Clenbuterol Hcl 40mcg + Yohimbine Hcl 5.4mg) is an agent used solely for the local fat burning during the reduction period or preparation for the competition.

Yohimbine, on the other hand, is a substance that binds and blocks alpha-2 receptors in the body. The result is the production of norepinephrine (a hormone that releases fatty acids from adipose tissue and contributes to their burning, as a result of which heat – energy is released).

Yohimbine, like Ephedrine, stimulates the Central Nervous System, which can cause tremors, nervousness or an increased heart rate. The downside of using Yohimbine is a decrease in strength and overall “breakdown” in training. Users using Helios confirm the fact that they feel less engaged during the training session.

However, Helios is a combination of two substances that, when administered subcutaneously at the same time, perfectly complement each other and reduce adipose tissue. It is very often combined with Ephedrine or T3 / T4. The frequent choice of Ephedrine is due to the “kick” in training and better mood during the day.

This measure is still not very popular due to its price and low availability. However, users more often reach for the typical form of Clenbuterol in the form of tablets. However, Yohimbine as a separate agent is also very rarely used in our country due to its low availability.


Helios is administered subcutaneously to places where we want to get rid of adipose tissue. The cycle begins with one injection of 0.5 ml and continues with this schedule for 7 days. For the next 7 days, a dose of 1 ml is administered, followed by a 2-week break and restarting the previous scheme.

The next micro-cycle can also be started with a fixed dose of 1 ml and continued for 14 days. Such micro-cycles are repeated until the desired effect is obtained.

Putting down

There is no special withdrawal method.